Holly Keefer

My Story

​​​​​Holly Keefer is a QSCA certified life coach. She received her Reiki master/Teacher and Hypnotherapy certifications from the Quantum Edge Healing Institute. She is a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner. 

Spiritual teacher, mentor, Healer

Today I live in beautiful northern California, not far from the famous Napa Valley. I share my home with three exuberant and charming chihuahua dog-friends and a cat who thinks she’s a dog. (Or maybe she just wants to fit in.)

I’ve raised my family--three awesome kids who are successful in their own right. And now four fabulous grandkids add joy and fun to my life. 

In so many ways I’ve accomplished my dreams. I own a lovely home and run my own successful businesses. I have the ‘stuff’ I want. And I know how to call in more stuff when I want it. 

But I also have the most important ‘stuff’. I know who I am at soul level. I know what my gifts are and what my purpose is. Living and manifesting from this place is the driving force that gets me up each morning and allows me to create a life that is truly fulfilling. 

But it wasn’t always so. 

The truth is I spent a good portion of my adult life chasing after ‘the dream’. 

Raising three kids on my own while completing my college degree (a BS in History) and then pursing a long career in academic counseling at a major university, it seemed I was always struggling to make ends meet. 

I was the queen of manifesting just enough—and not much more. 

Don’t get me wrong. Those were some of the best years of my life and I have many happy memories and hilarious stories from those days. 

But I didn’t know who I was at soul level and I certainly wasn’t looking for my purpose. I was trying to get dinner on the table and help the kids with their homework each night. 

And yet, I knew there was something more. 

I’ve been a student of metaphysics and religions most of my life. I’ve always been drawn to spirituality. I’ve read and studied and meditated and grown. I applied the things I learned with fairly consistent results. 

At one point I even thought I was being called to seminary and a career in ministry. But I was afraid to take the leap then. (The irony is that now I am an ordained Universal Life Church minister!)

Eventually I began to put the pieces together. I became a life coach, a Reiki master/teacher, a hypnotherapist. I took the leaps, I followed the call. 

And that led me to the Akashic Records—and my life shifted profoundly. Because I learned things about my soul, about my past lives, about my soul’s gifts and purpose. And everything came into focus. 

I am here to be a spiritual teacher and mentor. To use my soul gifts, knowledge and life experience to help you discover who you are and why you are here and to step into living your purpose every day. 

Using Akashic Record readings with my clients has created profound shifts for them. I’m not talking about ‘mountain top’ experiences or ‘amazing breakthroughs’ whose effects don’t last much beyond a week. 

I’m talking about lasting, practical transformation. This is real life-changing work. 

That’s why I’ve created my
Live Your Purpose Mentoring Program. I want to help you discover who you are and why you are here and how you can create the life you came here to live. 

Why am I passionate about this? Because awakened, empowered, soul-full women can change the world! I believe that we have work to do; that we were born for such a time as this. Are you ready?

 I invite you to check it out here:  
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I live an extraordinary life, full of love and joy and meaning. You can do this too!