Spirit Reading

Holly Keefer

Spiritual teacher, mentor, energy healer

Loosing a loved one is by far the most difficult experiences we go through in our lives. 

I will never forget how I felt when my father passed when I was 16. That night I woke up and saw my father standing at the foot of my bed--he was there to say good bye. I have had many experiences of my father's presence since then, sometimes even smelling his Old Spice cologne. 

What I learned from this experience is that we never really get over the loss of our loved ones. Instead we learn to move on and live without them. It has been over 40 years since my father passed and I still miss him terribly. 

But knowing he is there if I need him and the reassurance of his presence are comforting reminders that death is not final and he is not really gone. 

But I know that most people aren't able to communicate with their loved ones. And that's where I can help. 

I have been able to see and sense spirits since I was a child, but I wasn't always able to get clear communication from them. I believe this is because I was actually afraid of ghosts. Even as an adult it took me years to get over my fear and discomfort when they were around. I tried very hard to tune them out.

It was after I began working with the Akashic records that I became aware that I really could communicate with them and that this would be very helpful for other people. So I did readings for friends and family and now I offer these readings to you. 

I have a unique ability to communicate with spirits. I'm not only able to receive images and words from them, but I also receive yes/no/maybe answers to direct questions that you ask. This allow the reading to be more conversational. You are able to tell you loved one what is on your mind, ask questions and receive a response.

The accuracy of my readings has been amazing and I have had the most incredible experiences. I even had a spirt help his loved one locate a missing item in their house!

These readings have tremendous healing power. So often we have left things unsaid, or conflicts unresolved. Sometimes it is just too hard for us to let go and we want to know our loved one is OK. And sometimes spirit needs has things they need to tell you too. 

My clients tell me that being able to communicate with their loved one was very healing for them and that they now feel more at peace. 

If you are ready to connect with your loved one(s) email me at hjkeefer@gmail.com