​​​​​Yearning to make

a difference with your life is a fundamental longing of the human soul.
~Holly Keefer

Ways We Can Work Together

Soul Realignment Reading Single Session
This is the basic Soul Realignment reading where you will learn what’s in your Akashic Records and what your soul’s purpose is. (Basic readings take about an hour to an hour-and-a-half.)

Soul Realignment Coaching
This option is for you if you want a basic Soul Realignment reading plus some extra coaching to get you started implementing what you learn from your reading. This 30 Day package includes the basic Soul Realignment reading and three one-hour coaching sessions.

Live Your Purpose Mentoring Program
This is a three month immersion program where we work closely together to help you identify and live your soul purpose. If you are tired of group programs that never get you what you need or you’ve done coaching, but it wasn’t quite what you were looking for, maybe it’s time to work with a mentor. Check out the details here:
Soul Purpose Mentoring Program.

Home Clearing
This is a virtual energetic clearing of your home to remove negative energies, thought forms, emotional residue, unwanted entities, close portal ways/gateways and clear land assignments from your property. (I do not need to visit your home in person to do this energetic clearing.)
This can be a great option if you are planning to sell your house, or if you are having trouble selling your house.

Are you ready to begin? Awesome!

We are not human

beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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The Akashic reading Holly gave me was brilliant. It was very accurate in describing certain character traits and issues that I struggle with in this lifetime. I felt a great release after the soul cleansing ritual I completed. 
Since I have had the reading, things have changed. The obstacles that once blocked my path have been pushed aside and my life is running much smoother.
I have been able to put a great deal of my past to rest, and I am now free to move forward in my life.   ~Laura

There is a spiritual solution to every problem  ~Wayne Dyer

Holly worked with me and I must say....the findings were astonishing! I learned so much about myself and why I have made many life choices, good and not so good. Holly removed blocks that literally "freed" me from past life issues. If you're interested in why you do the things you do and how to change certain behaviors...DO THIS!!!


An Invitation to Work with Me

Spiritual teacher, mentor, Healer

I loved working with Holly in the past when she was my coach, so when I found out she was doing Soul Realignment readings I was so excited to experience one with her! I had some familiarity to the Akashic Records, but had no clue about Soul Realignment. When Holly gave me the reading, I was blown away how much many of the things she shared resonated with me.  One of the biggest benefits was understanding myself on a soul level, which after has allowed me to really embrace parts of myself that I took for granted in the past, or didn’t see as valuable.  Since the reading, I have felt considerably more loving and just more of “me.” I also gained valuable insights regarding my relationship with my husband.  Holly did a clearing around it and I was really surprised at the energetic change between my husband and I.  I felt more settled, connected and intimate in our relationship. The reading also helped me understand my “tendencies” and choices I was making that were creating certain patterns (positive and negative) in my life.  It was refreshing to have a reading that wasn’t just about gaining information, but actually learning about myself and the way I was creating on a deeper level.  I walked away feeling uplifted and empowered!     ~Ashley

This reading helped me tremendously!! I would most certainly recommend the reading AND Holly Keefer as a life coach! The Akashic reading gave clarity and understanding into who I am and why some of my patterns are what they are.


Holly Keefer

Can’t afford coaching? Are you sure you want to manifest your desires? If you do, this is the gal who can bring you to clarity through law of attraction, and launch you to your new way of living. Holly has lived the dream of turning her life around, welcoming abundance and rolling in the blessings of gracefully receiving the bounty of the Universe. Do yourself a favor and let her share the joy of manifesting your dreams with you! I did and I’ve been so very grateful for the leaps she’s helped me feel safe to take!  
~Debra Fant, Solutions for Wellbeing

Until you can make

the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will

call it fate

~Carl Jung

How I Roll

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.  So I won’t use the usual sales tactics on you.

Because my guess is you’re tired of webinars that promise training, but really only offer an extended sales pitch. Or having to opt in to get a free gift just so someone can get you on their list to sell you something.

And aren’t you tired of those long, long sales pages with hundreds of testimonials? I mean really, who reads all that stuff, right?

I’m taking a different approach because I respect your time and your intelligence.

Truthfully, I do want to work with you. I do want to help you discover who you are at soul level and what your gifts are and how you can live your purpose.

Because my soul’s purpose is to help you. And I’m passionate about what I do because my clients get crazy, great results.

But I’m not here to use NLP sales techniques or play on your pains or fears to get you to respond.

Because I don’t need to.

I believe that if you were drawn to this page and if what I offer resonates with you we should just get on the phone and see if we could work together.

No manipulation, no pressure, no obligation.

Just a simple conversation so that I can share what I offer and you can ask questions to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

Simple. Easy.

And if it doesn’t work, or the timing is wrong, that’s OK. I will still appreciate the opportunity to get to know you a little. And who knows, maybe we’ll still get to work together in the future.

If you are new to the Akashic Records and the Soul Realignment modality please begin by checking out my
Akashic Records page. This is the heart of the work I do with my clients.

If working with the Akashic Records and connecting with your soul resonates with you, then I invite you to check out the various ways we might work together. 

If you are ready to choose an option to work with me let’s set up a call and see what’s best for you.

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